New Deck: Shelley, Bride of Frankendecken Tarot


Today, I got a visitor. She’s been to a lot of places already: U.S.A., Australia, Japan, Germany, and after her stay with me she will travel on to Sweden, the U.K., Canada, and Brazil. After that, she will decide where to settle down and make a new home. Could be in any of these places! She travels with a patchwork sleeping bag doubling as a coat and speaks several languages (mostly English, but also a little bit of French, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Latin, Italian, German, and Portuguese). To be honest, she’s something of an oddity, but she’s really nice as well.

What on earth am I talking about? Why, Shelley, Bride of Frankendecken, of course!

Who’s that Shelley? Well, let me explain.

First, about two years ago, Frankendecken: Tarot of 78 Spares was created in an act of collective madness. He was thrown together from 78 cards from 78 different tarot decks by some 37 members of Aeclectic Tarot Forum. He was given a lovingly handmade patchwork bag. And then he went on a tour around the globe to visit his many, many parents. After that, lots were drawn, and one of us was selected to have sole custody of him for the future.

Then of course there were several people who also wanted to be co-parents of a crazy patchwork deck like that, and others wanted a second chance at getting sole custody of a mad deck-child of this kind. And so Shelley, Bride of Frankendecken was born. Like her monstrous groom, she was also made of 78 cards from 78 different tarot decks. She took a lot longer to assemble, but then she was a Bride, so that was to be expected. She ended up with with a few extra cards, but then you can never have enough spare parts when you’re going on a trip around the world, right?

So, now she is here, and she is to accompany me for a week. I’ll be doing all readings of this week with her, and I’ll take her with me wherever I go so she gets some more pictures for her travel journal. I’ll be sure to share some of these adventures here!

P.S. Please note that the bag has a silver, wavy line along the top, as per a special request from me. I believe that this is a wonderful way for Shelley to carry on with her line of fabulous ancestresses.


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  1. I donated to this deck but can never follow all those long threads so had her take me off the visit list. I’ll enjoy her stay with you, give her a pat for me.

  2. Looks like fun! However, the bag is what really caught my eye. Heck, I pass on the deck if I could get that bag :-p

  3. Oooh, Shelley is so lovely. Enjoy your time with her! If she and Frankendeck ever decide to have children, I hope to donate and foster ;)

  4. @ Sharyn:
    Not keeping up with the travel threads shouldn’t keep you from getting a visit from Shelley, methinks. If you want to reconsider: PathWalker is the new travel agent, and Shelley will come across the big pond anyway. Maybe she can stop in at your place between Canada and Brazil?

    @ jema:
    Yes, the bag is gorgeous! BlueDragonfly made another masterpiece there. Maybe she takes orders?

    @ vee:
    I’m pretty sure there will be a day when someone else takes it upon them to run another creation thread…

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