I think I’m back…


My last post is almost a month old?! Wow. I certainly didn’t plan to drop out of blogging for that long…

But now that some things in my life that distracted me from blogging have been wrapped up for good, I want to get back into the swing of things here.

Here’s the plan.

I eventually want to catch up on the Pagan Blog Project letters I missed. That would be K, L, and M. I also want to continue with the PBP more or less on schedule, so the missed letter posts will appear among the new ones I write. I’m saying this even though I know that spirituality and tarot have moved from their front and center position in my mind a while ago, and I’m not sure when they will return there. But since I have a lot more time now, I hope to still be able to come up with a spirituality-related topic per week to think about in writing.

I’m also continuing the Deck of the Week project because there are still many tarot decks and some oracles in my collection that have never been used so far. I’ll be picking a new deck in my next post now…


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  1. I took the month off too. :) I can understand what you’re saying about spirituality and tarot not being front and center in your mind–I’m no longer hyperfocused on tarot (this happens to me often in summer, who wants to sit around and think when you can swim and play ;) ) , but I still want to maintain my presence with it! Here’s to a verbose July, eh?

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