New Deck: World Spirit Tarot


As announced a short while ago, it’s finally time for a new deck. I promise I’ll actually be using it, too.

The random number generator suggests these:

  • Rune Cards – by Brian Partridge & Tony Linsell
  • DruidCraft Tarot – by Stephanie Carr-Gomm & Philip Carr-Gomm & Will Worthington (my copy is trimmed)
  • World Spirit Tarot – by Jessica Godino & Lauren O’Leary (also trimmed)

The Rune Cards are new (to me), beautiful, still completely unused, and I’m curious to work with them. But I think I’ll still skip them this week and pick one of the tarots to get back into things.

The World Spirit Tarot was the deck I bought to reconnect with tarot about five and a half years ago (after spending several nights looking through the entire AT collection). It remains one of my favorite and most-recommended decks, even though I haven’t used it in quite a while. However, I made scans of the card images into screensaver images for my Kindle (my first hack!), so black-and-grey versions of the images are still a presence in my daily life. But it would be nice to look at the boldly colored versions again!

The DruidCraft Tarot also was among the first three decks I bought after the intial reconnection. I used it a lot in the past, but haven’t read with it for a very long time now (mostly due to its Wiccan influences). I still love the artwork, though (including the big feet), and vastly prefer it to Will Worthington’s newest creation, the Wildwood Tarot (which is wrongly and misleadingly marketed as a re-drawing of the Greenwood Tarot – but that’s a rant for another day).

Soo… I think I will go back to the roots and work with the World Spirit Tarot this week and probably next week, too, because this week is already half over (assuming it starts on Saturday, my usual deck-picking day). My copy is trimmed to the colored frames of the images because I found the amount of black around the image too dominant and the card titles too distracting when I first started to read “intuitively.” It’s still fairly easy to recognize the cards, though, because they have the appropriate number of suit symbols integrated into the linocuts. You’ll see.


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  1. Since I don’t seem to have bookmarked the how-tos, I can only suggest entering the name of your Kindle model and “screensaver hack” into your favorite search engine. I remember it involved downloading a little bit of software, re-starting the Kindle several times inbetween moving files, and that it means you lose all warranties for the Kindle (because you hack the original software). Hope that helps!

  2. World Spirit is a favorite of mine. Very Unique, multicultural with easy images to relate to. The card stock is nice too, perfect really. Such a shame it’s out of print!

    I wonder if they’ve ever considered a reprint of it? It’s going for almost $300 on Ebay.

  3. That price is ridiculous. You could even get a Greenwood for less, and that’s a deck that will in all likelihood never be reprinted (the artist holds the image copyright and has apparently disappeared into a different kind of life). Whereas the World Spirit just might, if the demand is big enough.

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