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New deck: Tarot Balbi


For this week, the random numbers suggest a choice between these three decks:

Although I was tempted to compare the two versions of the Baum Tarot I own (the original one cut from the book “Madru” and the redesigned one published as a stand-alone deck) it didn’t seem quite right to focus on a deck so full of flowers and green leaves when ther leaves are actually falling as we speak. So I chose the Tarot Balbi for this week.

This is another deck I never used before. It’s actually still in its original order, so apparently I didn’t even shuffle it. I think I got it while I was doing an Intensive Deck Study with the Greenwood Tarot, so that would explain why I paid so little attention to it when it arrived here.

Initial impressions, after some thorough shuffling:

I like the card size and format; they feel good in my hands and are easy to shuffle. The backs are also very pretty with their bright green floral pattern on a deep reddish-purple background. One of the things that attracted me to the deck in the first place were it’s bright colors. I still love them!

The pips of this deck are non-scenic, so that will be a challenge for me (I don’t have much experience with reading non-scenic pips). There are also Hebrew letters and/or astrological symbols in the majors and at least some of the courts. I don’t think I will dive head-first into these related topics, but then I never know what will take my fancy, so who knows?

I did a bit of googling and found out that the Balbi assigns the elements to the suits in this way:

  • Wands – Fire
  • Cups – Air
  • Swords – Water
  • Disks – Earth

I’m not sure how much this will influence my readings with this deck, but I might do a post just pondering these associations.

I can already see lots of opportunities to work with this deck. Good!


Pointers for a new project


There is a new project I’m currently developing, so I thought I’d do a reading on it to reflect on it.

I used the “Get me to my goal” spread, shared by “Adisguise” on AT. I changed the layout to a sideways one but kept the arrow shape.


1. Your true aim is (where you truly want to be rather than where you think you want to be)Wild Energy / Lightning Tree (Tower)

What a start! *laughs* It does make sense, though. I’m indeed hoping to be able to release some “wild energy” through the new project. The tree feels defensive in its fighting stance to me, as if someone/something else has started the “fight” and leaving is just not an option. That also fits very well with the project which is related to dealing with an issue beyond my choice that often makes me feel defensive. Finally, there are the Tower associations of breaking free from confinement which also fit the situation to a T. Do I ever want to break free from that particular confinement!

2. What motivates youWaterfall / Nine of Water

This feels most of all inviting: Come here and let me share this source with you. You can find insight, connection, healing here with us and with the freely flowing waters (and emotions). Yes. I’m hoping to provide all of this for others, and to find it for myself by doing the project.

3. What inhibits youThe Storyteller / Knight of Air

Now this is such a good illustration (go read this earlier post, especially the part about Brewing in the “don’t like” pile) and that exclamation will make more sense to you)! I fear that people will find me arrogant and way too convinced of myself. I’m worried that I will be misunderstood and misjudged. I’m afraid I will come across as preachy and narrow-minded. And finally that I may hurt others accidentally.

4. Practical AdviceGone to Ground / Ten of Earth

Be smart about the project (and maybe a little bit tricky/trickster-ish), and move slowly. Stay grounded.

5. Spiritual/Emotional AdviceSpiral Dance / Six of Fire

Again building on my reading from yesterday (linked at card 3), especially on Beech as a Bach flower: Take care not to become narrow-minded indeed. Try to stay positive and don’t forget to celebrate! Enjoy it as long as it lasts. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t “forever” but it does matter how it feels while it lasts.

6. What knowledge you need to seekSpirit Guide / Interpreter (Hierophant)

My first thought is that I need to involve my Spirit Guides and ask for their advice, too. I need to look for ways to interpret, to “translate,” to build bridges and help with understanding when it comes to the focus of the project. I may also need to educate people as part of the project. Finally, I think I need to seek for the knowledge of how to stand out and be at peace with it (maybe because there’s a larger purpose behind it).

I’m struck by the presence of all the elements, which makes me think the project has the potential to become something very well-rounded.


I’m starting to really like the Waking the Wild Spirit deck! The more I go with my own associations instead of anything Poppy Palin (the creator) may have had in mind, the better I can read it. I shouldn’t be surprised by that, because it has happened before time and again, but I’m still always amazed at the sometimes intimately personal interpretations I discover over time.

Waking the Wild Spirit is not much of a tarot indeed, and I don’t often fall back onto traditional tarot/RWS meanings with it (more so with some of the majors than with the minors or courts). Most of the minors seem to have some kind of relation to their element (suit) but I actually read most of them as “free-floating” oracle cards outside of a specific system.

It’s a little bit annoying that I have to look up the card titles all the time to be able to name the cards here and in my exchanges on AT, but since I’m at the computer anyway, it’s just another click or three. That need to be able to identify the cards really keeps me from cutting off the last bit of border (I hate that zig-zag with a passion!) and the last title. I may have to think about writing titles or numbers/elements right onto the images with a gold or silver marker. Maybe the next time round.

However, I do think I can safely sell my shrink-wrapped spare copy of the deck. I won’t ever start tolerating the zig-zag borders, and as long as I can look up the card titles on the internet (or on a still-to-be-created cheat sheet), there’s really no need to keep an extra copy. Note to Self: I’m not a collector for collecting’s sake, so I don’t need to hang on to spare copies just because a deck is out of print.