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Bling the Deviant Moon!


It’s all Laura Borealis’ fault. Look what she’s done to the Thoth.

When I saw that, I couldn’t resist. I don’t think I’ve quite achieved her genius, but I still bring you:

The Hermit. With Bling!

Of course I can also explain the meaning of this card, post-blingification.

See, sometimes there’s just too much love, too much glitter, and one too many dancing kitten. That’s when you want to hide away in a dark, smelly corner, scream a little to yourself, and get out one of your dark tarot decks to do some deep, dark, depressed divination.

And then you realize there’s no escape. The rainbow mirror ball shines into your darkest hiding spot, love creeps up in the most uninviting places where dead fish burp pink hearts at you, and even your own skin betrays you. In short: The dancing kitten always finds you.

Is it any surprise you’re mad?


You will understand now why I call this the “light” side of this card. It’s also called the “upright” meaning. Not all readers use light/upright meanings and prefer to stick with the traditional dark interpretations and read all of their cards reversed. But I’m convinced that all cards carry a range of meanings from dark to light, and that we as readers should embrace all of them, from smelly, dead fish to purring kittens, to give our readings more flesh (yes, I know, some of you prefer to stick with the bare bones, but even you need some sinew to hold everything together).

In fact, there are a number of so-called “fluffy bunny” decks out there that are made just for that purpose: to increase awareness of the “light” sides of the cards. I recommend you give one of them a try! (Note: You can always wear sunglasses if all the light becomes too much for you, or run a soundtrack of gothic metal to balance things out a bit.)

Or even better: Blingify your own deck! Vampires and other melancholy creatures can gain so much from a little bit of glitter!