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Looking back on five months of “decks of the week”


For my 100th public post on this blog I’m going to look back on the “deck of the week” project that was the reason I started blogging here again pretty much exactly five months ago. So far, I have used 21 decks in 22 weeks (17 of them have been tarots, the remaining four were oracles, one of which was a non-card oracle). I think this is totally worth a toast!

Those have been 22 very different weeks in terms of my tarot-related activities.

Sometimes, I did a lot of readings in one week, like with the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA, Waking the Wild Spirit, or Deviant Moon (unfortunately, I can’t show you most of the readings here so you just have to believe me). The one thing I’ve stopped pretty soon is doing daily draws/readings. I just don’t have that many questions. As a result I currently don’t participate in exchanges all that much, and I also don’t read much for myself. I’m also doubting that readings are as interesting to the readers of this blog as they are for me (and hopefully my sitters). I may eventually go on to borrow the idea of Tarot Bonkers to read in second person or the one of Sharyn’s daily draws with more or less “impersonal” associations (and an interesting quote). Or I may try and read for fictional/historic characters that are somewhat well-known like Satu did a while ago (I especially liked the ones for Eve and Voldemort).

In other weeks I felt more like contemplating a certain aspect of the deck as a whole (e.g. gender in the Deviant Moon, flora and fauna in Waking the Wild Spirit, Hubble space telescope photos that have been used in the Quantum, the Classic suits, or relationships between men during the Renaissance inspired by the Da Vinci Enigma). That has always been fun, especially since all of these studies happened because I suddenly got curious about something…

In yet other weeks I’ve done experiments or exercises with the respective deck (e.g. rearrange furniture and write a Halloween story with the Margarete Petersen, read about Star Trek episodes with the Balbi, do a reverse tarot reading with the Songs for the Journey Home, try out unusual reading methods with the Da Vinci Enigma, chat away with the Silicon Dawn). I’ve also enjoyed those a lot, mainly because I like trying new things. I’ve come across several other great ideas for future experiments on other people’s tarot blogs, so I may use a few of them eventually.

Sometimes I read a lot of background material (like with the Discordian Deck and a little with the Da Vinci Enigma), and sometimes I read nothing but the cards. Often, I just explored individual cards and decks on the side while I was doing a reading (usually for myself). I’m aware that combined readings/card reflections aren’t the best way to present insights, so this is another aspect of this blog that may benefit from some changes.

And sometimes I just blinged the hell out of a card or two (Deviant Moon, Thoth [not a “deck of the week” yet], International Icon Tarot). I’m sure there will be other candidates for that approach.

I was surprised to discover that I wasn’t as happy as I thought when I had the chance to reconnect with old favorites (e.g. Housewives, Ironwing). This led me to the decision to focus mostly on my (nearly) unused decks in my selections for this project. I was also surprised – once again – how well I could read with non-scenic pips (Balbi, Classic, Oswald Wirth, and also the Discordian Deck), and how much I enjoyed that. Finally, I was surprised by how much I liked decks that I felt hesitant about at first (Balbi, Discordian), and how right I was about thinking I’d enjoy others (Key to the Kingdom cards, Silicon Dawn).

I once used two decks in one week (Discordian, Fantastic Menagerie) because I feared one of them (the Discordian) wouldn’t read well enough for me, but quickly noticed that not only had I erred in my assessment of this deck, I also didn’t have the time to look at two decks in just one little week. I also used one deck for three weeks (Silicon Dawn) because I had been looking forward to exploring it during my holidays and then extended the exploration for the entire duration of my time off work. I don’t plan to repeat this with another deck, but the Silicon Dawn was definitely worth it.

The main “trick” for me with this project was not to allow myself to use a different deck just because I don’t like the one I’ve picked for the week (exceptions were my short interlude with the Story Cubes, going back to the tarot deck of the previous week to fulfill an exchange agreement that I couldn’t do with an oracle, or one reading with an erotic deck for an exchange where only those decks were allowed). I found that I can get along with nearly every deck for a week (the Celtic Wisdom Sticks  were the disastrous exception, closely followed by the mess of the Northern Shadows – but I still stuck with each them until the week was over).

I have decided to let go of four of the decks I’ve used (Waking the Wild Spirit, Quantum, Celtic Wisdom Sticks, Tarot of Northern Shadows). I most regret not clicking at all with the Northern Shadows, but pretty pictures really don’t make up for incredibly sloppy research and egomania. I’m actually really glad that I managed to pick some decks for the trade/sale list since I don’t consider myself a collector for collecting’s sake. My idea still is to have a library of working decks, and I’d rather have a small one of tried and tested ones than an ever-extending one of decks I barely get out in a year. I have also acquired seven new tarots/oracles (most of them from fellow Aeclectic members) since I started the project, three of which I’ve already used.

The most-clicked post (excluding the Pagan Blog Project ones) was Bling the Deviant Moon! and the least-clicked one was Why “Deck of the Week”?. The Deviant Moon is one of the most searched-for decks, closely followed by the Margarete Petersen. Most people come here by way of a Google image search, but I hope that some of them also stay around for some of the text.

So far, the project has been totally worthwhile. It kept me using my decks and it made me explore new ones that I hadn’t used before. A week seems a good time to get at least a basic idea of a deck and its compatibility with me, so I’ll stick to that schedule. Anything less would be stressful, and anything more would make me procrastinate because there’d always be next week… Since I’m easily bored, a good deal of variety is key to sticking with something for an extended period of time. I’ve found a lot of interesting things to do with a tarot (or oracle) deck, and I’m sure I won’t run out of ideas anytime soon.

I also have a question or two for you readers (feel free to answer any or all of them):

  • What kinds of tarot/oracle posts on this blog do you like best? Why? (Excluding the ones for the Pagan Blog Project, because those are a completely different category of writing for me.)
  • How do you feel about the posts from the “reading” category, especially the ones that aren’t also “experiments”? Do you like them? Why (not)?
  • Would you like to see some other kind of tarot or oracle-related posts that I haven’t written so far? (I’m not saying I’ll fulfill any wishes but you may just inspire me!)

Please feel free to add any other comments you’d like to make about this project and my way of blogging about it. I’m very curious! I’d also like to get a better idea of your interests and preferences so I can better judge what of my writing is of public interest and what is better kept behind the scenes. After all, I don’t want to bore you!

And now all I have to say for today is: Good night!


The grand house tour with the Housewives


What better spread to use with the my old pals from the Housewives Tarot than a home-themed one? I adapted this spread from the free PDF with three spread ideas that is offered for download over at Tarosophy.

1. Hallway: Where I am right now
2. Kitchen: What nourishes me
3. Study: What I need to learn next
4. Children’s Room: What delights me
5. Bedroom: What gives me rest and relaxation
6. Bathroom: What I need to flush away/get rid of
7. Basement: What from the past I should keep
8. Attic: What I should aim for next
9. Staircase: How I can get there

1. Hallway: Where I am right nowNine of Wands

A woman has climbed beyond where most of the cleaning tools can reach. She wears a little black cocktail dress and opera-length gloves, but she also carries a bucket and wiping cloth.

It’s time to celebrate a success but there will be more work to do later on, on a higher level than before.

This could refer to my job situation where I hope to successfully finish off a project before my holiday, but where I also know I’ll be coming back to more detail-fixing work after my weeks off.

2. Kitchen: What nourishes meThe Emperor

A man whose body is made entirely from canned food. And a faint recipe sheet in the background with instructions to make several dishes from scratch.

This is a pretty literal card, and an amusing one at that! For at least a year now, I’ve been eating a lot of food that I haven’t cooked from scratch but bought pre-made or ready-made at the supermarket near my workplace or as take-out. While I can afford to keep doing that financially, I still sometimes miss making my own food from scratch (despite not being much of an enthusiastic cook!). I find myself lazy, and I suspect that even though I usually go for relatively healthy options, I’m still eating quite a bit of stuff that I wouldn’t put into my own meals if I made them from scratch (e.g. glutamate, food colorings, unknown “aromas,” preservatives, etc.). Therefore I conclude that it would nourish me better if I made at least half of my meals per week myself again. Especially since food has come up as a spiritually-related topic anyway. I would have to become more organized and structure my days better, but I suppose that would also do me good.

Then again, this could also (less literally) mean that it’s fine to rely on some pre-produced somethings, that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel in every situation, that I can build on a preexisting structure. I’ll have to think about this some more to see what exactly this might be referring to.

3. Study: What I need to learn nextQueen of Wands

This queen invites someone in, while remaining seated on her armchair-throne. The colors are pretty bland. She lets others come to her and directs them elsewhere, but she isn’t overexerting herself. She also looks as if she has every right to do just that (she still is a queen, after all!), but she doesn’t flaunt that.

This could be about pulling the reigns from a more relaxed and self-assured position than I often do at work. The fire is still there (it is a Wands card) but she doesn’t let it show quite so obviously. She is still a worker (her royal staff ends in a broom at the bottom), so she’s not acting superior to anyone else, she’s just showing them the way – and by that, she gets her way. She is secure on her throne, but there is no need for her to show off her power. I definitely could use an attitude that assumed the power I have without feeling the need to constantly defend it. I also might do good not to flare up with anger (if only inside) when things don’t go as I wish but to calmly direct them to be the way they should be. At any rate, this is a very interesting card to consider for this position!

4. Children’s Room: What delights meQueen of Pentacles

Another queen! This one pats her husband, child, and dog goodbye as she goes off to earn (or spend?) some more money. Husband and child both carry bags filled with food, so everyone seems taken care of materially. She does look a bit condescending, though.

I have neither husband nor child nor pet, so I’m wondering what aspect of my life this is about. It’s true, I enjoy taking care of things competently, and I sometimes get a bit condescending towards a specific kind of coworker (those who play(?) dumb until someone else solves their problems). I’m also a pretty practical/pragmatic person at work. I’m not sure any of these actually delight me, but then there isn’t much that I find truly enjoyable about my job anyway.

What does delight me, however, is the fact that I have already decided to quit that job sometime later this year. That would also mean leaving all these coworkers behind and taking care only for myself – full risk, and full benefits for me. So I guess the saying goodbye aspect of this card is the relevant one here.

5. Bedroom: What gives me rest and relaxationFive of Swords

A dress (like for a paperdoll) is cut out by several pairs of scissors, and there is thread and a hand holding a sewing needle.

Another wonderfully literal card! I much enjoy creating things with my hands, especially by sewing. The work I do at my paid job falls into the category of knowledge work and is pretty “invisible” most of the time, so making something tangible is a great balance for that. In fact, that’s one of the things on which I want to spend a noteworthy amount of time during my holiday. Great call!

6. Bathroom: What I need to flush away/get rid ofStrength

A box of aluminum-and-soap scrub pads, surrounded by six of them.

Interesting card for the position to get rid of! I’m thinking of several things here. Scrub pads like these suggest a forceful and not-so-gentle way to get rid of some tough, dried-in old dirt. That could mean I need to be more gentle in approaching any figurative “cleaning” matters. The card also suggest a kind of work that basically is the same over and over again. This would mean I need to get rid of as many routine tasks as possible (this would apply to my job again). I believe both of these interpretations go together well. The card could also mean I need to get rid of the idea that I have to do all the work myself – which ties it back nicely to the Queen of Wands.

7. Basement: What I should keep from the pastSix of Swords

Six pointy knives stand upright (are they switch blades? meat knives?). Three faces of the same woman change their expression from grumpy to excited. A woman carrying a handbag and round, black bag waves goodbye as she leaves the scene.

The element that sticks out to me most is the bag she’s carrying – it looks just like my partner’s frame drum bag (the one I patterned my own after, only mine isn’t black). So this could be telling me not to give up drumming. Then again, drumming isn’t exactly from the past because I do it nearly every morning.

So what else could this be about? Except for the already-mentioned desire to move on to a different work life (which also is a present issue and not a past one. Maybe it’s just about me not holding a grudge but moving from grumpy to happy in a relatively short period of time.

Or does any of you have any ideas?

8. Attic: What I should aim for nextNine of Cups

A woman has just got a Christmas present from her partner. Nine crystal glasses are floating above them, adding some festive sparkle.

Getting lots of presents! ;-) Seriously, though, the Christmas tree makes me think of long-term plans (for me, more than a few months in advance is long-term). That fits with my vague intention to have a different and better work life by the time I turn 40 (which will be in roughly a year). The glasses suggest clarity to me, which goes well with any plans. I might do well to more clearly define what kind of “present” I would like to get, and being open to receive good things certainly won’t hurt, either.

9. Staircase: How I can get thereAce of Cups

A hand holds a wine glass; in the background are household tips about drinks.

If I should aim for the Nine of Cups, and this is the Ace of Cups, I’d say the answer is simple: By taking the first step! Also, by following useful advice I may get. And by paying attention to how I feel about things and taking that seriously.

All in all, this is a pretty balanced spread. All suits/elements are present, as are two majors.

[Note: The individual card images in this post are from Taroteca. The scanning mistakes in the Queen of Pentacles and the Nine of Cups are also from there.]

New Deck: Housewives Tarot


After a too-short week with the Key to the Kingdom transformation cards, I’m ready to switch decks again. This week, the random number generator suggests these:

I don’t think my busy next week would be a good one to delve into the Liber T, so that one’s out. The other two are decks I already both used exclusively for several months. I don’t feel much like using the RWS, so the Housewives Tarot it is. That should go well with the themes of ancestors and food which have come up during the last week or so (see the previous handful of posts).

The Housewives is one of my first ten decks. I first tried to win it in a competition over at AT but that didn’t happen, so I eventually bought it myself. When I first considered doing an Intensive Deck Study (IDS), I picked this deck. Part of me wanted to prove this was indeed a serious tarot deck and not just a funny gimmick. That worked out pretty well. I did two months of daily draws with it and kept being amazed at the surprising ways I found my so-not-housewifey-at-all life in these collages of 1950s collages. In the end, I needed a break from the images and ended the ISG a month early (I had initially aimed at three months). Now I think that was partly due to reading for myself every single day, and I’ve mostly stopped doing daily draws since.

At any rate, I’m happy to reacquaint myself with the Housewives and their world. I believe they’ll be a good companion for my final week of work before a three-week holiday, because they are so focused on (domestic) work and achievement and capitalism.