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Bling the International Icon!


I mostly had a Four of Cups kind of day today (thanks, hormones…), so when I came home tonight, I felt like playing. What better way to do that than blinging a few more cards?!

When I looked through the International Icon Tarot, the weirdly emphasized scepter of the Empress stood out to me. Suddenly it looked like a microphone, and that’s where it all started… Now I had to find someone for whom she would hold the mic, and then there was that guitar, which seemed even better, because you can’t have the Empress just sit there and serve someone else, right? As you can see, there isn’t much left of the original microphone idea by now, but that’s probably for the best.

The interpretation of this blingified version? Classic Empress, of course: This card is all about femininity, boundless creativity, female power, a bit of chaos and overabundance, and generally ruling the masses.

Imagine it is 1992 and she is the all-female rock band L7 (except I believe L7 would never have tolerated a disco ball) at an outdoor music festival I went to with my best friend (back when people always thought we were a couple but we never were). This was the first time ever I saw a bunch of women rock a crowd like that – needless to say I was massively impressed and went on to get all their records on tape. Fast and Frightening still is one of my all-time favorite songs. Here’s the official video (to get an impression of how they were on stage check out this video from 1990).

After that, I looked for another card to bling, and since I had discovered the wig section of Blingee.com, I decided to put some strange wigs onto some card characters.

What can I say? There were mostly wigs with long, feminine hair, and then I thought of how we always complain that the Lovers and Two of Cups are so heterosexual all the time, and then it all turned into a lesbian version of paper dolls…

I would have preferred to make a nice butch and femme couple (since that’s how I rock), but there weren’t any useful pants, the short hair wigs didn’t fit the three-quarter position of the head, and it probably wouldn’t have looked the way it feels anyway.

So I settled for these two. Thank goodness someone started associating rainbow colors with gayness a long time ago, because that made it all so much more kitschy so much more easily! I’m especially delighted with the image of Applejack and Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic I came across right at the end – a butchy outdoor pony and a nerdy femme one make the perfect subtext to this otherwise rather mainstreamy image of lesbian love. More so since the character on the left had that braided wig and hat combo, and the one on the right was clad in pink things already.

Serendipity works in the strangest ways!

And my mood has improved, too.