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Four parts of one day


My day today will happen in four easily distinguishable parts, all of which are interesting in some way. So I’m asking the Silicon Dawn what I need to know about these four parts.

MorningThe Fool (0.1)

Looks like I’ll be spending quite some time on the internet, and it’s likely to be more than I initially intended (as it often the case with me and the internet). Because the internet has no end, and I like to finish things.

It’s also true that I’m “pregnant” (and I usually wouldn’t use that particular metaphor if the picture didn’t force it onto me) with a whole kindergarden of ideas. I think they’re at least septuplets (fraternal ones).

And research is one of my favorite strategies to avoid doing stuff. Until I accidentally fall over the edge of a cliff (oops! I didn’t notice it was that close already!) and have to improvise. Fortunately I’m not only a perfectionist but also really good at improvising.

Oh, and I do have a tendency to be a bit shortsighted. Even attempting to plan any long-term stuff often makes me stop thinking properly altogether. But I do have a telescope with me, because I still like taking a small peek at the far-away every now and then. You see, telescopes limit your vision sideways (on all sides), so it’s not quite as overwhelming.

Finally, I already had an inspiration for one of my little septuplet projects and I took a first step towards it. And it’s not even 11 o’clock (thank my neighbor for ringing my bell a good two hours before I had planned to get up).

Early afternoonKing of Swords

I’ll be meeting up with a sort-of friend later. I’m a bit surprised to see this card come up here for that meeting because I perceive my friend as a highly emotional person. But then he also obsessively analyzes his emotional life, so a Swords card may be more suitable than I initially thought.

This guy (the one on the card) is figuring out where to go, making complicated calculations. I get a feeling that this isn’t a flight just for the fun of it but that he also carries some kind of weapon (a bomb?). The red button just emphasizes that aspect. I may have to act as some kind of calming and grounding influence.

Or maybe we will hatch plans together, seeing that we have something in common we both want to do in the foreseeable future (foreseeable even for me, cf. The Fool 0.1).

EveningNinety-Nine of Pentacles

Goodness, what an explosion of energy! I’m not that kind of a gamer (I only do point and click adventures where I don’t have to keep track of life energy, battle power, and how many healing potions I still have compared to how many monsters to defeat – or talk into cooperation), but I still understand that ninety-nine times 1up is a whole fricking lot of power. Could make you invincible. Or burnt-out. Or even bored because very soon there will be no one left to challenge you because it’s no fun when you know you don’t even have an off chance of winning. And fun is important!

Since there will be a group meeting this evening, I’m now expecting some unexpected (how’s that for a paradox?) burst of energy. At the same time, I’ll watch myself to make sure I’m not over-powering anyone else, should that energy and power be mine.

Here’s what Egypt Urnash initially said about the 99s:

If 9 is ‘perfection’ in the numerology of the Tarots I used, 99 is ‘too much perfection’. So much it becomes something else.
I’ve tried to take these silly concepts and treat them with some seriousness. What does the video game concept of “an extra life” mean in the real world? It’s a second chance. It’s a suggestion that what you think is total defeat is just a setback.
The 99s are a reminder that while a lot of things about interpersonal relationships haven’t changed since the Tarot was first invented, some things about the world they’re embedded in have. We have the same old fights in the magical new media congealing on the Internet. We have new traps to fall into – how many friends do you have who are avoiding their depression by counting levels in WoW or some other online RPG? But we also have new metaphors coming from these new trades and tools; we can extend ourselves in surprising ways.

There’s good stuff in that quote. Today, “too much perfection” to me means totally overdoing the perfectionism in a totally unimportant area, which leads to something that is definitely not perfect – because at some point you end up with something devoid of all life.

I also like the idea of a second chance, and the relief you feel when you notice you just got one (but also tension because you don’t want to fuck up things again, cf. The Fool 0.1).

I may have to get back to you about this one – after all, it’s a group and as such I have no idea what everyone will bring to the table and what will happen with that once we meet.

NightChevalier of (VOID)

A double sunset and someone walking away from the sea. Fingerprints from me on the glossy parts of the picture. And a feather that is being dropped (is it burning?).

The blackness fits with the time of day, and I feel comfortable in the solitude of that card. It feels meditative, but also a bit sad. An ending. But the maybe-burning feather also reminds me of phoenixes and being reborn – if nothing else, then the next morning.

While the fingerprints suggest I may leave some temporary traces, this won’t be a hugely productive night. Instead, it will be a time for quiet reflection. Sounds good to me!

After reading the text from the companion book for this card, I also have to say that I just can’t see the complete hopelessness and emptiness in the (VOID) cards that Egypt Urnash describes. Because these cards aren’t empty at all if you look at them right. And maybe sometimes we need to disappear a little, or rather, give up our illusion of being separate from the rest of this world and just merge with it. I’m not saying I’m good at that, mind you, but it doesn’t seem like something horrible to me (my ego, however, would beg to differ).

Again, the Silicon Dawn offers layers and layers of meaning and propels me into philosophy/spirituality land at the most unexpected points. I like!

P.S. I’ll upload pictures later. Ran out of time to do that just now!


Edited to add:

It’s after “evening” now and I’ve just returned home. I’m adding the pictures I promised now, and I can already give myself feedback (that’s the one really good thing about draws for the day).

Morning was pretty much as I described. I didn’t exactly waste time but I also wasn’t the most efficient. But then I’m on a holiday, so efficiency isn’t the #1 priority for me just now. Around noon I also realized that the Fool’s pregnancy also means she’s not quite ready to give birth, so I’m totally fine with not having finished anything (except, sort of, this post).

My friend was indeed in analyzing mode when we met in the early afternoon. And after some initial annoyedness with him because he once again just launched into what is going on for him at the moment before we had even sat down (to be fair: I often do that as well, in my way, so I can’t seriously point my finger here) we eventually had a really interesting exchange of thoughts. Not at all unemotional but still very think-y (which is a combination I enjoy a lot). I also just notice that I was feeling quite calm and grounded most of the time. I even managed to put some of my own muddled stuff into words as I tried to explain a few things to him, which helped me understand myself a bit better.

And yes, my evening did bring an unexpected eruption. We did a group perception exercise and suddenly we were talking about the proverbial elephant that had been standing around in the living-room all the time, noticed by everyone but never quite addressed. As I so often do with these elephants, I was the one to describe my perception of the situation more bluntly than the others. I have to admit, though, that I went a bit overboard and only realized afterwards that I had “hit” another group member harder than I intended to. When I realized that, I apologized and added some balance to my original judgment, but I could still see the damage was done. And when I realized that I had done exactly what the cards had warned me not to do, I secretly kicked myself in the butt for my failure to put two and two together early enough. (I don’t regret having said something but I do regret my harshness. This one time, the harshness really hadn’t been my job, and I still delivered it because that’s what I usually do.) Oh well. I hope it will all seem less dramatic once everybody has slept on it.

Now it is night and I’m pretty wiped out. I had planned to do a reading for someone, but I think I’ll postpone that until tomorrow. Instead, I will do a small tour of my main internet stops, and then I will go to bed early. Following from the previous card the subtle phonenix theme of this one lets me be optimistic that there won’t be any lasting damage to either the group or the person as a result of my actions.


Navigating away from the Navigators


It’s time to change decks again, so here I am looking back on the week with the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA. Since I did a new deck interview with this one again, I’ll use that as a reference point.

1. What key lesson does this deck have for me this week? Chariot

I’m inching forward on my path toward a more fulfilling life (especially in terms of work). This week, I’ve discovered a few more small puzzle pieces to add to the developing picture.

Service to a deserving goal still plays a big role in that.

2. What is this deck best used for?Six of Wands

Ignoring all the theoretical background for the deck worked well indeed. I just jumped into reading with it and managed to do three readings for other people in addition to one for myself. Pretty good for a rather busy week.

And yes, I like this deck a lot more than the Quantum Tarot from last week. I’m definitely keeping the Navigators. There’s so much more to explore, and I haven’t even touched on any of the possibilities for actual study of the deck.

3. What will I take away from my time with this deck at the end of the week?Five of Swords

I managed to stay within my limits with the exchanges I participated in, but one more would have been too much.

The keywords worked surprisingly well for me. In some readings they almost assumed center stage before the actual images. I now consider them another detail of the cards that I can zoom into when appropriate and completely not-see at other times.

I already said this on AT, but here it is again as a part of my summary of my time with this deck:

“I’m surprised by how short my readings with the Navigators are. There are so many details in most cards, but I ignore most and just zoom in onto 1-3 of them. I don’t even try to describe the cards anymore, let alone in detail.

This may be related to my new technique of turning over all cards at once and looking at the big picture first. Or it may be this deck in particular. Whatever the reason, I enjoy exploring this new facet of quick, to-the-point (I hope!) readings.

I don’t think I even came close to grasping the Navigators deck as a whole (that has been easier with other decks), but I’ve gotten a few worthwhile glimpses that prompt me to keep the deck for another few rounds. This could also be an interesting study deck.”

I notice that my way of reading a spread is changing a bit. The readings are getting shorter and I stopped exploring every single detail of a card. I’m curious to see if this is a lasting change.

Revisiting the new deck interview: Margarete Petersen


Before I choose my next deck, let’s look back on this week’s first reading.

Margarete Petersen - Daughter of Feathers + Magic + Six of CoinsWhat do I need to learn from you during this week? – Daughter of Feathers (Knight of Swords)

I can’t say I found much more self-discipline this week, but I clearly recognize the need for it. A small success was taking care of three difficult phone calls without too much procrastination (the Universe made it really easy for me and had two of the people call me…).

I have also realized a few things about me and my needs in this week that I can relate to the mental clarity I can see in the martial arts picture.

How can I learn best from you?Magic (The Magician)

Interestingly, the process of reading this card mirrored my issues with this deck perfectly. I learned that I first need to go with what I see, no matter if it fits with Margarete Petersen herself writes about the card or what anyone on AT says about it. After that, however, reading what other people wrote can indeed enrich my understanding of a card.

I also believe that — like magic — this deck requires my full attention to be able to read with it best. There’s very little space for half-hearted, half-focused, or half-interested readings here. I guess that’s a good thing, although it rules out the deck for any kind of quickie readings.

Our future relationship? – Six of Coins

Give and take indeed. If I don’t give my attention, I won’t get much in the way of readings.

After this week, I can say the Margarete Petersen Tarot is a keeper for me. I can see myself using it for 1-3 card readings on issues that need more of a mirror of moods than practical, everyday world advice.

Maybe this deck needs to be discovered (nearly) as slowly as it has been created?At any rate, I’m looking forward to more explorations of these cards later on.

Revisiting the new deck interviews: Discordian + Fantastic Menagerie


The first thing I take with me for future weeks is not to pick two decks at the same time again. I did read with the Fantastic Menagerie in two exchanges but I really didn’t spend much time exploring it otherwise. So I’ll keep its number on the list so it can come up again.

I’ve spent more time with the Discordian Deck, which was very nice. I didn’t get to finish reading the Principia Discordia within the week, but I think I’ll keep reading it even when I switch decks now. There’s only a quarter of it left, and it’s not really a big book.

So let’s look back at the initial readings I did with the two decks this week. The Discordian is first.

What do I need to learn from you during this week? – Joker

I did a lot of juggling this week, that’s true enough. I couldn’t keep all my balls up in the air the way I would have liked it best, but it was still okay.

How can I learn best from you?The Bavarian Illuminati

The Bavarian Illuminati were indeed very helpful for my understanding of Discordian thought. The discord/order theme has also been an interesting more general grid to look through this week.

Our future relationship? – Discord (Season of Booms)

Looking back I take this to mean that things haven’t been as disordered as they’ve felt at times. It was just a rather unusual order…

Now for the Fantastic Menagerie.

What do I need to learn from you during this week? Seven of Swords

My impression of the deck as less harmless as it seems still stands. The combined reading also went very well.

How can I learn best from you?Three of Swords

Well, I didn’t quite manage to make enough time for this deck. But, as I said, the two of them were a great team when it came to combined reading.

Our future relationship? – King of Swords

I still believe the Fantastic Menagerie will remain further down on my favorites list.

The swords-only thing makes sense looking back because I actually took time I would otherwise have used for the FM and spent it on a project that’s very much concerned with swords themes.

I feel that I could have gotten so much more out of both of these decks, so I’ll be happy to return to them later on!

Revisiting the Waking the Wild Spirit new deck interview


Once again, my week with a deck is over and I feel it might make sense to look back on the New Deck Interview I did with it.

These are the cards and positions I drew.

What do I need to learn from you during this week? – Strong Spirit / Lord of the Wild (Emperor) 

I did reconnect a little bit with little bits of my shamanic practice and had lots of “special animals” appear in my path, so that was nice. It could also be a matter of season, though, so I’m not putting too much weight onto this. And gender hasn’t been on my mind more than it generally is, so no new insights on that front, either. Honestly, even looking back I still don’t know what this card is supposed to mean to me.

How can I learn best from you?Magical Spirit / Cunning Man (Magician)

I did neither light a candle nor did I take the deck anywhere. We did have beautiful weather here, though, so I enjoyed some nice moments of sunny (and chilly) fall days. Just like the card above, I’m not sure what to make of this, even in hindsight.

Our future relationship? – The Gypsy / Knight of Fire

As I initially suspected, I will definitely pass on the spare copy of this deck, and maybe this one, too (if anyone wants it).

It’s strange, the Waking the Wild Spirit deck should suit me in so many ways, with its emphasis on nature and familiar plants/animals, but it remained slightly off for me the entire week. I’m not quite sure why that is. It could be the fairies with the pointed heads, it could be the weird “Riverdance” poses in some of the cards, it could be the hairstyles. Or maybe this deck and I just don’t click like I hoped we would when I first got it.

There are four cards in this deck I really, really love (clockwise from top left):

  • Dream Weaver / Wisewoman (High Priestess)
  • Full Bloom / Nine of Earth*
  • Wildwitch / Queen of Fire
  • Wise Counsellor / Healer (Hermit)*

* I wrote more about these two cards when I did my “Balance the Moment” exercise.

The rest of them, however, are far from that. So maybe the question is: Do four great cards justify keeping an otherwise “meh” deck? Or should I just make copies of these four images to look at them when I want and give the deck to someone who’ll love many more of the cards?

Right now, I’m leaning towards the latter…