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New Deck: World Spirit Tarot


As announced a short while ago, it’s finally time for a new deck. I promise I’ll actually be using it, too.

The random number generator suggests these:

  • Rune Cards – by Brian Partridge & Tony Linsell
  • DruidCraft Tarot – by Stephanie Carr-Gomm & Philip Carr-Gomm & Will Worthington (my copy is trimmed)
  • World Spirit Tarot – by Jessica Godino & Lauren O’Leary (also trimmed)

The Rune Cards are new (to me), beautiful, still completely unused, and I’m curious to work with them. But I think I’ll still skip them this week and pick one of the tarots to get back into things.

The World Spirit Tarot was the deck I bought to reconnect with tarot about five and a half years ago (after spending several nights looking through the entire AT collection). It remains one of my favorite and most-recommended decks, even though I haven’t used it in quite a while. However, I made scans of the card images into screensaver images for my Kindle (my first hack!), so black-and-grey versions of the images are still a presence in my daily life. But it would be nice to look at the boldly colored versions again!

The DruidCraft Tarot also was among the first three decks I bought after the intial reconnection. I used it a lot in the past, but haven’t read with it for a very long time now (mostly due to its Wiccan influences). I still love the artwork, though (including the big feet), and vastly prefer it to Will Worthington’s newest creation, the Wildwood Tarot (which is wrongly and misleadingly marketed as a re-drawing of the Greenwood Tarot – but that’s a rant for another day).

Soo… I think I will go back to the roots and work with the World Spirit Tarot this week and probably next week, too, because this week is already half over (assuming it starts on Saturday, my usual deck-picking day). My copy is trimmed to the colored frames of the images because I found the amount of black around the image too dominant and the card titles too distracting when I first started to read “intuitively.” It’s still fairly easy to recognize the cards, though, because they have the appropriate number of suit symbols integrated into the linocuts. You’ll see.


New Deck: Wheel of Change Tarot


Okay, I have to confess that I didn’t even try to read with the Shaman’s Oracle this week. Since I only picked the deck on Monday and then went on to have a very busy week I probably shouldn’t be surprised…
Normally, I’d just wait for the weekend to catch up, but this isn’t possible this week since I’ll go away for an all-weekend class tomorrow. Unfortunately, the Shaman’s Oracle really doesn’t feel like the right deck to accompany me. One of the reasons is that it definitely doesn’t strike me as an all-purpose deck.

So I decided to put it back on the list for a later chance (sorry to everyone who was hoping to see the deck in action this week!) and pick a new deck for the weekend and next week (where I’ll be away from home again) tonight. These are my random number-generated suggestions:

Strangely enough, these three decks were on my alphabetical deck list right next to each other (I listed them here in the order they were suggested).

Hm… Wheel of Change Tarot it is.

I used the deck a few times so far and found it nicely readable. I like the artwork,although it looks rather busy at first. But with a little bit of focus on each card, that busyness becomes images with a lot of details to discover. I still debate if I like the way different races/ethnicities/cultures are depicted. My first impression is a good one, but sometimes a closer and more critical look brings up issues that didn’t jump at me at first glance (which I attribute mostly to being in a position of privilege in terms of race/ethnicity, which often acts as a default blinder unless it’s consciously reflected)…

Since the companion book is massive, I’m definitely not taking it with me on my travels. It does have some interesting background explanations of what we see on the cards, but I don’t particularly enjoy the preachy tone of “this is how you should live your life, these are the issues you should care about, this is the utopia you should dream of and strive for.” Not even in those places where I agree with the creator.

All in all, I’m looking forward to exploring the deck some more, and hopefully also a bit more in-depth.

(By the way, this weekend-class also means it will be Monday before I am realistically able to sit down to write something that requires more than a flicker of thought. Which means, the next installment of the Pagan Blog Project will happen then.)

Trouble at the office (reading with Shelley)


This is the final of three readings with Shelley, Bride of Frankendecken Tarot I have permission to post here. Once again, I have included the card backs as a part of the reading.

This reading is for SD. She described her concern like this:

This is the situation.
I am torn between staying with my job or leaving. I LIKE the work, I LIKE the office and my desk by the window, I LIKE working for my boss. What I can’t stand are “personalities” of approxamatley 1/2 of the office. Imagine the MEAN girls when you were in 6th grade and there you have it. I’ve met up with some of the temps we’ve had and they’ve NEVER seen anything as bad as what goes on in this office. “Toxic” is a mild description. I’m standing up, and calling BS when I see it, but I know it’s not ever gonna change unless some of them leave and I don’t see that happening. Keep in mind I’m a Taurus…I move at the speed of a snail with stuff like this.
SO, I guess I’m asking for guidance with my job. Not a Yes/No stay/go, but just guidance for where I am now.

I pulled three cards for you, without positional meanings.

King of Cups (Radiant Rider Waite) — World (Legacy of the Divine) — Five of Swords (Sun and Moon)

The first thing I noticed is the symmetry of the cards: two white-bordered ones with lots of blue at the sides, a circular one with copper-colored borders in the middle. It’s as if the two side cards came to have a round table discussion.

So, let’s see what they have to say.

The King of Cups is definitely uneasy. His seat is safe, his feet are dry, but his cloak is hanging into the water already. It will probably get worse once he stands up to move. Not that he would have anywhere to go if he wants to stay dry. He doesn’t even have his hands free, so it would be difficult to even pull the cloak seam out of the water. But there is a ship in the background which is hopefully coming to his rescue. If only he would stand up and wave his cloak to make sure they see him! But he seems a bit frozen in his current position.

I believe this is you, not feeling at ease in your work environment but also not willing to give up your position.

The Five of Swords shows a person (presumably male) flat on their back, with swords stuck in the ground around them, and another person (presumably female) holding two more swords. Above them is a lot of sky.

Again, we have a situation of being stuck in an uncomfortable and restraining position that is not quite as inescapable as it seems. Yes, moving could result in becoming a target for an attack (or at least a threat), but if she hasn’t stuck a sword into him by now, it seems unlikely that she will. I believe this is more a struggle of minds: Will you believe you can’t move and have no options but to admit defeat? Or can you see a way out of the stuckness that will gain you some more breathing room? Because there is enough room here for everyone.

The four elements are represented on the central World card, echoing the yellow and blue (for fire and water) of the King at the bottom and the green and grey-white (for earth and air) of the Five at the top. That tells me that you shouldn’t let emotions rule your decision (they can and should play a role, but they can’t have the last word). Otherwise it will all be high drama with very little substance.

The middle card also features a court jester-like figure in the very center, holding a crystal ball and a hoop. Interestingly, he has no face, just a mask. This makes me think of dishonesty, playing games, making each other jump through hoops and relying on a vague sense instead of a hard fact. I believe this fits what you said about the interpersonal atmosphere at your job. Since it’s smack in the middle of the card (and reading), I don’t think it will go away anytime soon. However, there is also a thick border around it, almost like a steel-enforced containment field. This suggests that it might be possible to reign in the destructive elements in some way (which will probably need support because it doesn’t look like a one-person job). Put the “mean girls” into a petri dish and study them so you learn where their weak spots are, with the goal of limiting their sphere of influence.

However, this will require standing up and making waves. You may call attention to yourself and it may not all be friendly. But there doesn’t seem to be any real danger for you, just discomfort. If you decide to try and do something about the other people in the office, you will need reinforcements (have you talked to your boss? to your other coworkers? someone else who might be able to support you?). And they will be there for you, even if you have to take the first step on your own.

Of course you can also decide not to fight that fight and look for another job.

If you ask me personally (and this is not from the cards), I would give the option to try and change things at your current job a shot. If it doesn’t work at all, you can still leave. But you will have tried. And you never know who is just waiting for someone else to take the first step… :)

Oh, wait. I nearly forgot the card backs!
A sky full of stars, a decorated stone tablet with a mysterious crystal ball insert, and a mandala in black and white.
You are not alone. You need to find the right way to set things in motion, the right combination, the right companions (the middle one makes me think of movies like The Fifth Element and similar “mysterious stone structure needs to be opened by combined efforts” stories). You need to consider the consequences of your actions, the ripple effect, for good and for bad. And you can totally take your time and do this slowly. :)

I hope this reading is useful to you! Please let me know if I can clarify anything.

After the first date (reading with Shelley)


This is the second of three readings with Shelley, Bride of Frankendecken Tarot that I got permission to post here. Again, the special feature of these readings is the inclusion of the card backs. Click on the pictures to see bigger versions of the cards.

This reading is for TM. She has this question:

What happened to N? We went on our first date [three days ago] and I have yet to hear from him. I haven’t called/text/email him and neither has he. Is he waiting for me to contact him? Or is he not interested? The date went well (or so I thought). Would like a little insight.

So, what do you need to know about N’s expectations of you? And what else do you need to know about the situation? I think that’s two cards.

1. What do you need to know about N’s expectations of you?Six of Wands (Mythic Tarot)

N seems to be a bit of a show-off. He likes to be admired for his achievements. What he doesn’t realize is that people are a bit intimidated by him and tend to keep their distance if not explicitly invited. So he may have wanted you to contact him and tell him that you enjoyed the date (if in fact you did enjoy it, of course) but he didn’t realize that you wouldn’t do so without an explicit invitation.

There’s also a sense of him being occupied with getting something special (the golden fleece of Greek myth depicted here), so he may be waiting to contact you until he has something special to offer. He might want to get tickets to a special event, or a table at a special place, or a special gift, or even just enough money to take you out again (special doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, just hard to get for him). That mean that you shouldn’t get in touch, only that he isn’t initiating it at this point.

And finally there’s this group of people in the background. I’m not entirely sure who they are – his friends, teasing him or egging him on? Other people who also would like to spend more time with him? Or people who try to keep him away? At any rate, something is happening in the background that distracts him. Which, again, doesn’t mean he’s not interested, just that he’s busy with something else at the moment.

All in all I would say he wouldn’t mind if you contacted him, even if he has reasons not to initiate contact himself.

2. What else do you need to know about the situation?King of Swords (Feng Shui Tarot)

The first thing that stood out about me from this card was the glitter and nail polish that has been added to it by the card’s previous owner. It certainly creates an interesting contrast to the serious king and his white tiger! It also adds emphasis on places that aren’t necessarily the focal points of the card (e.g. the king’s robe, the tiger’s nose, the hills in the background). However, it also makes the sword stand out very much.

To me, this means that things have more than one layer to them. What you see on the surface isn’t identical to what’s below. Things may look more “shiny” than they actually are.
At the same time, I get a sense of a challenge (or even a mild threat) from the way the sword is placed (as if someone else put it there). Something isn’t quite out in the open here, just like the tiger is half hidden behind the king’s sleeve.

N may have some reservations and may want to think about things a bit more before he makes a decision about whether or not to let you look behind the curtains. I get a feeling he isn’t quite sure how much he can trust you.

I have a feeling you may need to bring some patience to this if you’re interested in peeling away the layers. You would also have to show (not tell) that you’re trustworthy. But even then you may not find what you thought you’d find.

The backs of the cards are very different in color, but they are both very reduced in their imagery. The first one is a deep blue with a yellow meandering border made out of tiny square spirals. The second one is a red circle made of four spiralling parts on a parchment-like background. I find it striking that a squarish spiral pattern appears in both of them! This suggests there is a common thread for the two of you, even if it’s expressed in very different ways and even if it’s not immediately obvious. If you manage to find that common thread, you may just have a really good beginning for something more.

I really hope this reading is useful to you. I don’t usually do readings that focus so little on opportunities for action, so I would like to add a bit of a disclaimer: I may have gotten it all wrong, so please don’t base your decision entirely on this reading! :)

Stuck on a project (reading with Shelley)


I’ve gotten permission from three sitters to post the readings I did with Shelley, Bride of Frankendecken Tarot here on my blog. I will space them out a bit so the other two will be visible in a day or two. Thank you to all my sitters!

Edited to add: The special feature of readings with Shelley is that I include the card backs in the readings. After all, they’re all different, so they probably have something to add.

The first reading is for G. She asked:

What is holding me back in the project I am working on?

Two cards for you.

1. What is holding you back?Nine of Wands (University Books Rider Waite Tarot)

You have just realized that things are not as tidy as you would like them to be. Perhaps you haven’t planned as carefully as you could have, or maybe you only now see how things should fit together. You probably blame yourself for not getting it right from the get-go. And now you hesitate to invest even more energy because you’re frustrated that it didn’t turn out the way you wanted so far.

Maybe you also worry about what others will think about you because of the way your project appears. Especially in terms of drawing lines between here and there. Are you being too unconventional and fear you won’t be understood? Too suspicious of others who may set foot into your territory?

At any rate, something is giving you a headache and making you feel uneasy and defensive.

2. What can help you move forward?The Lovers (Victorian Romantic Tarot)

Sharing. Having someone else look at the project with fresh eyes and point out its wonders to you. Perhaps they will even lend a hand? Or maybe you need some guidance by someone more experienced/knowledgeable?

Getting into the middle of it, surrounding yourself with it, immerse yourself in it. Not considering anyone else’s opinion. (Yes, this is almost the opposite of the bit before. I believe there is a time for both.)

Remember (or imagine) how you want the project to look when it’s done. If it’s too far away from what you are able to make with your current resources (because a fence of irregularly hammered-in sticks will never miraculously transform itself into a Roman-esque stone railing), consider adjusting your expectations to what’s possible – or decide to abandon it altogether. In other words, be realistic about your capacities. Irregular wooden fences can be very charming in their own way…

Whatever you do, it’s time to make a decision. Are you going to move forward with it? Or are you going to let it go? Staying in limbo between these two choices won’t make things magically solve themselves.

A quick look at the first card back shows an ankh symbol (Egyptian for life) on what looks like drifts of sand (like in a desert). The other is a very busy, very detailed arrangement of women, vases, and vines surrounded by red squares. Tiny red hearts stand out in pairs of two.
To me, this emphasizes the need to get the “life force” of the project going again, and the hearts tell me that there are two things you could do to make that happen:
1. Find someone to support you and maybe even practically help you.
2. Determine why you wanted to do the project in the first place and try to find something about it to love. Even if it’s just the prospect of being done with it eventually (and a potential lesson in patience and endurance). ;)

I got a strong sense that this might indeed be about a project related to the outdoors (garden?) of your house. Or something else that’s practical and not so much a matter of mental activity. Also, it’s not some very itty-bitty detailed kind of project that would require a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers.

Well, I hope this is useful and I’m curious to read your feedback! :)