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Bling the Thoth!


Prompted by a current thread on AT I created another blinged card, this time of the Thoth Tower. Instead of adding a lot of crazy colors and images to it, I decided to just animate the scene for an even greater intensity. You do have to agree that the original image seems somewhat dull in comparison… →

I will now offer the interpretation for this vastly improved and enhanced version of the card.

As you may know, many people consider the Tower a scary card with a message of sudden doom and destruction (if you’re a turkey, that probably still applies…). But let’s focus on the two kitties here because they make all the difference and bring to light some aspects of the Tower card that are often overlooked.

Witch kitty (the one who leans so nonchalantly on the cozily warm fire-spitting pipe with teeth) remains calm within the chaos because she knows there will be roasted turkey for dinner today. That teaches us that one person’s disaster is another one’s delight. So this card could tell you to call the landlord about that nice apartment next door now that the grumpy old man who used to live there has left it feet-first. Or to ask your rich cousin for a good price on her motorcycle now that she can’t ride it anymore due to the loss of her left foot. Or maybe it just means you beat the competition and win that haunted tarot deck on eBay.

Dancing kitty (whom you may already know from the blinged Deviant Moon Hermit) is safe in her field of inflammable pink glitter flowers. That teaches us about how we are not at all affected by most of the catastrophes going on around us. We remain safely ignorant of most wars, floods, droughts, famines, car accidents, plane crashes, train wrecks, terminal cancer diagnoses, positive HIV tests, and stillbirths that take place all over the globe. And that’s a good thing.  Because none of us would actually be able to stand dealing with that much disaster and destruction. We need to turn our backs on a lot of horrible things so we can keep on living and stay sane. Therefore, escapism into the field of glitter flowers isn’t always a bad thing. Everyone needs a break from the bad news at some point. This will be harder if you are a turkey and not a kitten, of course. But after Thanksgiving and Christmas are over and the next summer holidays come along, the kittens may be the ones in trouble (because people suddenly realize that kitty can’t come on the holiday, or that the cute kitten they got for Christmas has turned into a disobedient teenage tomcat). So don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re safe forever if only you pad your world with enough romance novels, computer games, or pastel-colored angel oracle cards.

Finally, there’s the new slogan “Happy Fall” which reminds us that what seems like a catastrophe today will often look like a blessing tomorrow. It tells us to look for the parts of the unwanted, sudden change that we might even be able to enjoy while the disaster is still going on. Maybe it’s feeling completely awake in a sudden crisis, or an ability to keep a clear head when every other turkey flaps their wings in panic, or finding support/companionship where you didn’t expect it, or the opportunity to try out different roles or aspects of your personality, or a knack for black humor that offers some tension relief for everyone, or… Not to mention the unexpected positive consequences of a change you didn’t choose yourself. Maybe you never would have met this or that wonderful person if things had gone differently. Maybe you never would have discovered this new talent for finding exactly the help you need or for getting things done on your very own for the first time, or maybe you just wouldn’t know how stubbornly you can keep going.

I hope I’ve been able to demonstrate how the blingified version makes it much easier to see these aspects of the Tower card.

P.S. One final interpretation for this card: If your eyes itch and burn, and your eyeballs feel as if they’re about to pop out of your head, it may be because you got some glue from your fake eyelashes into your eye.